Monday, 30 September 2013

Some DIYs

I've noticed that just by adding little something on very basic clothes can dramatically affect on the level how much I end up wearing them. Plain black is, well, boring. I like to boost up my clothes and sometimes I even buy something because I might have a vision how I might decorate them.

This time I made cute gartes to use with tights. These are only accesories, they do not serve any function like suspenders. I think they turned out quite nice, what do you think?

 They are simply made from elastic band, piece of fake leather and some studs. All together cost some 6 euros, not too bad!

Patches are my favourites! This time I added a large back patch on my "leather" vest and a smaller one on my cropped jacket.

This is my first weekend at Oulu for a long long time. Don't know yet wether to stay at home OR go out with friends. We'll see.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

One ring to rule them all

Before I tell you more about my new favourite wine and those boots I mentioned in my latter post, let me introduce you my newest piece of art. My brand new tattoo. In these photos it's brand new, less than 24 hours old. And it's going to continue.

First I thought that I'd have a tattoo of the Witch King of Angmar, but then I came to a conclusion that just a regular Nazgul is far more better. It's much more simple and just... nice and evil :D

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Party face

I think I had some kind of dysfunction in my brains when I promised my little brother that I would be driving if he'd like to go out. Well, he took the advantage of it and yesturday we went to Levi (it's a ski centre in the heart of Lapland, not too far from my home) and this is how I looked.

 I asked my mum if she could cut my side cut again and she did. Actually it only needed to be shortened but it got...oh well, bald again :D
 I tried to get the smokey eye-look but don't know wheter I succeeded or not. It didn't really matter since all the other people were so wasted :D
I got tired all the posing and did my very best to look silly. Have to admit, in these photos I have a portion of snus under my lip. Charming, isn't it?

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

If you are into vikings...

I can really recommend an amazing trilogy to read! It's written by Johanne Hildebrandt and the basic idea is to represent characters from Scandinavian mythology but also ways of living of bronze age. Series are called Stories of Valhalla with three different yet chronological story (Freija, Idun and Saaga). If you are really strict how old stories should be told, don't read these. But, if you like the characters and don't mind use of fiction I'd like to say READ them! I'm totally into viking-related things and loved these books so much I had to buy them as well.

I must admit, the first book is my favourite. Maybe because I already have it and I've read it several times.

I'm terribly sorry for my non-posting but since I'm working my ass off in long johns there is actually not too much to show you concerning my outfits etc. I have bought a gourgeous pair of shoes and tasted really good wine, maybe I'll tell you more next time!

For the very end I want to share nice piece of History Channel's ridiculously addictive tv-shiw the Vikings. Oh, Ragnar <3

Monday, 2 September 2013

On my playlist right now

Let's have a short music check just to keep myself on track about what I actually like to listen. Right now it is:

The latest album from Watain! Pure love it is.

Obviously I just can't get rod of these female artists. It just so nice to listen something calm and soothing on the contrast for metal.

The teeny tiny goth in me enjoys this kind of music. And also some 80's hits.

Yup, you heard me right. 80's rocks big time.

I think that it would be time to do some REAL posts, but I still don't know where's my camera. Hilarious :D But don't you worry, I figure something out. For now, ave.