Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Meh wants form Etsy

I'm not feeling that great atm, so I decided to lock up inside and try to drink (water) as much as possible to feel a bit better. I've been browsing Etsy for hours now and now I want to share some me-wants with you guys:

This gorgeous necklace is from here and the price is not too bad either. Hmmm, maybe, just maybe...

This candle holder is just magnificent! And recycled, too. And it's from here.

I've been admiring the art of this seller for some time now. I hope to manage get one of these beauties before our house warming party from here.

Talk about art, this item would also be nice detail in our cave...from here

And finally, some hype about my favourite tv-show...

Agent Cooper, I would like to serve you a damn good cup of coffee! 

Monday, 26 August 2013

Long time no see

Finally I've got some time to write! I will now spend two or three days at Oulu and then I head back to north. Back at home I need to work my ass off to earn some money for the winter. Usually I have worked as an elf (yup, you heard me right) but it starts to feel that 8 seasons elfing and guiding is enough.

What else? I've been thinking my consume of alcohol quite a lot lately. It seems that for me there is no in- between when it comes to drinking and it really creepsme out. It's not that fun, I'm just too used to the habit that when me and my friends go out we like to drink. Too much most of the time. But it would be really nice just hang and watch movies, eat good food and have some girl-time without all that drama at the bar.

Even though I'm still bit stressed out about our move and all the work I need to do I'm still also super excited about our house warming party! The plan is to celebrate at Halloween and give our guests a chance to put some creepy outfits on. I have some awesome plans about my costume, but for now it's a secret. I also plan to bake some creepy goods, cupcakes and green pie and of course mix up a nice black punch.

Bye for now, I still wait for my camera to show up but it seems like I have totally lost it :D

Monday, 12 August 2013

My "beauty" secrets

Since I don't have camera now (actually I haven't got a slightest clue of it's whereabouts) I have to use pics from the Internet. Due to that fact I shall share some secrets about my everyday make up!

1. Lumene Beauty Base Eye Make up primer

This is the most perfect product if you love eyeshadows that won't_spread. I like this especially because it's impossible for me to wear any eyeshadow on my bottom eye lid, but with this it's also possible.

2. Wet & Wild Cover All conceler palette
This little fella is all you need to cover up little pimples, dark eyes or reddish points on your face. An it's super cheap!

3. Lumene Arctic Berry Eyebrow Pencil, Grey Black

This is not perfect, but very close to it! I have tried to find an eyebrow pencil that is dark enough but neither too soft or too hard. I'm still searching. But this is so far best I have found, especially with the next product...

4. Make Up Store, Black eyeshadow

This is eyeshadow with hell lot of colour! I use it on my eyebrows, with a drop of water it turns into eyeliner and it stays. Love it.

5. Max Factor Lipstick, So Berry

I think that this is no longer available, so typical. But this gives a really nice cold dark red shade on lips. I think that Make up store has one lipstick to replace this...

Max Factor
Make up store
Have tell you, I usually get all the best make up tips from my dear friend Daemiana. She really knows how to impress!

Saturday, 3 August 2013

My own lovely moth

I love moths. My love is so intense that I even have a moth tattooed on my chest! This little fella came in to our tent while I was working in Turku, and my co-worker managed to catch it for me. It was a bit tricky not to brake it during our 14- hour way back to home, but now it's safe under the glass. Beautiful, is it not?

So fragile. So utterly beautiful.